We are Infuse

Infuse Travel is a leading Australian student travel organisation that specialises in service-learning, cultural immersion and experiential education programs for students and schools. With decades of experience, our custom itineraries are designed to engage students and push the boundaries of their understanding through sustainable, curriculum-based learning opportunities.

We are driven by a deep belief that education through travel is critical in the development of all young people. We strive for real, sustainable change to both the perspectives of our students, and to the communities we work and partner with around the world.

Whether a high school student trying to determine a course for their future; a young adult seeking to find their place in the world; or an accomplished person reflecting on meaning and purpose; travel can be transformative at all stages in life’s journey! We’re committed to delivering exceptional programs that inspire travellers to continue learning more about themselves, others, and our world.

Infuse supports young people in becoming active global citizens, with the mission to create positive, equitable and sustainable change.

Our Story

Infuse was founded by a team of experienced educators and travel professionals, who share a spirit of adventure, as well as a deep understanding of their responsibility to care for both people and the planet. In today’s ever-changing world, our mission to develop students into global citizens is more important than ever, along with our belief in the transformational and positive impact of travel. Here at Infuse you’ll find decades of experience from within the student travel industry, education and international development sector. Meet the team here.

What We Stand For

We are committed to creating a more equitable world where people feel inspired to work together in caring for each other and the planet. We believe life should be infused with adventure, fun, new experiences, friendships and service with others. Now more than ever, we want to encourage young people to step out into the world and create meaningful connections with other people and their planet.

Our Core Values

Our values are reflected in everything we do, from our relationships with schools and students, to the life-changing learning experiences we create. 

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are ambitious and attentive to detail. We better ourselves to better the world.

We pride ourselves on our accountability and authenticity. We honour our commitments and work safely and respectfully with our partners.

We are committed to enhancing the lives of current and future generations. We seek lasting change that brings co-benefits for nature, people and economies.

We promote diversity, inclusivity, and individuality across all our business operations and programming. We celebrate the world’s incredible richness of perspectives, peoples, cultures, and environments.

We cherish connections. Positive change is best achieved through transcending boundaries and meaningful relationships between people, places, and planet.

We are dedicated to continuous, life-long, learning. We believe in the transformational power of travel, dialogue, and new experiences.

We embrace resilience, curiosity, and exploration. We reach beyond our comfort zones to live life to the fullest.

We believe in fairness, teamwork, and open-mindedness. We acknowledge power imbalances and emphasise the importance of listening.

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