Boston Island Conservation Project

Live on a private 2,000-acre island off the coast of Port Lincoln! Experience island life and discover the diverse history and natural beauty of Boston Island. Surrounded by pristine white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, this place will ignite your spirit for adventure. Assist with ongoing habitat restoration projects, biodiversity research, and conservation of penguin colonies on this one-of-a-kind service adventure. Snorkel with sea lions in the calm shallow waters near Thistle Island and discover the beauty of the Eyre Peninsula.


Live on a private island with stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Support environmental conservation projects by helping the landowners to revegetate the island.

Protect penguin habitats and create nesting boxes to support the recovery of the island’s Little Penguin colony.

Collect data on the island’s biodiversity to support ongoing research to protect threatened species.

Snorkel with sea lions in during an unforgettable wildlife encounter with these playful yet endangered creatures.

Day by Day

Day 1 – Fly into Port Lincoln, Boat to Boston Island

This morning you will start your journey with a flight into Port Lincoln, South Australia. Your Infuse Program Leaders will be eagerly awaiting your arrival at the airport. Head out for a lunch with your group before boarding a boat across to Boston Island. Boston Island is a 2,400acre privately owned property that has a fascinating history. Through long-standing family relationships, we have been given exclusive access to stay on the island. Surrounded by pristine white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, this place will ignite your spirit for adventure. There are no cars, no roads, no shops…and no other people!

After unloading at the wharf, you’ll transfer to the homestead, have an orientation to the island then head out to discover some of the island’s unique geography, wildlife & beaches. Swim, catch calamari from the wharf, then enjoy dinner at the homestead while watching the sunset over the bay.

Overnight: Homestead, Boston Island

Days 2 to 5 – Habitat Restoration

Spend four days assisting the landowners with environmental service projects. Historically, the island has been used for sheep farming and much of the island was cleared for grazing. Over the last 25 years, the owners have been revegetating the island to create habitats for wildlife. Hundreds of thousands of native plants have been direct seeded and planted to revegetate the island, and more than 40 species of birds have returned to the island, which offers a haven from predators.

Help protect the resident penguin populations that also rely on vegetation and nesting boxes to continue to build their colony numbers. Collect data on biodiversity of the island as part of an ongoing citizen science program.

Overnight: Homestead, Boston Island

Day 6 – Snorkel with Sea Lions

Today you will have the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions! After an early breakfast this morning you will head down to the wharf on Boston Island to meet your boat tour operator. Today will be actioned packed as you head out to your designated areas and have the experience of a lifetime. Consistently rated as one of the most unforgettable wildlife encounters in the world, this is an incredible opportunity to swim with these endangered animals. The boat will drop you back later this afternoon on Boston Island where you will have another sunset overlooking the Port Lincoln Bay and share stories and pictures from today with the group.

Overnight: Homestead, Boston Island

Day 7 – Departure

After your service this morning you will bid farewell to our hosts and Boston Island as you make your way back to Port Lincoln for your flight home. We hope you have enjoyed your time in South Australia!