Bushcraft & Survival Skills Program

Are you up for a challenge? Infuse’s Bushcraft & Survival program is the perfect opportunity to learn valuable survival skills and be put to the test in a series of challenges to develop your grit, resilience and mateship. As part of the program, you will gain a deeper level of appreciation for the world around you and gain confidence in using nature as a resource in a remote setting in Southeast Queensland.

Throughout the program, you will learn about the psychology of fear, the principles and priorities of survival, and develop skills in communication, navigation and rescue. To ensure that this program carries out its name, at times you will be deprived of your basic needs in learning how to adapt and cope in difficult environments… but don’t worry, it will be worth the challenge! This program is designed for groups that are ready for an outdoor adventure and the bonding experience of a lifetime.


Learn survival skills from a former Australian Army SAS instructor including fire starting, bush food identification and navigation using the constellations

Push yourself physically and mentally as you compete in a series of survival challenges

Immerse yourself in remote bushland and work with your team to develop bushcraft skills

Develop grit, resilience and appreciation for the natural environment

Build confidence in your ability to deal with fear, controlling your emotions and being alone

Day 1: Welcome to Queensland!

Arrive in Brisbane Airport (BNE) and meet your Program Leaders, who will be with you for the duration of the program. Head towards the Glass House Mountains and settle into our base house for a day of orientation and preparation with your Infused leaders.

Flight Details: Infused can book your flights upon request

Overnight: Infused Base House, Glass House Mountains

Day 2: Teambuilding, Survival Instruction & Night Time Dropoff

Today you will have a teambuilding day to get to know your group a little better- this will be super important for the survivor-style days ahead! Some of your activities will include orienteering and a scavenger hunt, mental challenges and strategic thinking games.

Spend this afternoon with your survival instructor, a local legend who served in the Australian Army SAS regiment for 9 years. His knowledge and experience in survival is second-to none. He has designed the survival elements of this program and will be facilitating the next five days.

This evening, travel to a remote location as dark sets in. You won’t know where you are, which adds to the adventure! Get dropped off in small groups, unload your gear and set up a basic camp for your first night. Get some rest and prepare yourself for the days ahead! Good luck!

Overnight: Remote private property, Southeast QLD

Day 3 - 5: Survival Skills, Team Challenges & Personal Development

Over the next few days, it’s time to explore your capabilities and gain a true understanding of survival in a bush setting. After an orientation to your remote location, go through some important ground rules and discuss how you can minimise your environmental impact for the days ahead. Using basic equipment and natural resources, teams will establish their own basecamps and be given ration packs to help them survive.

During the days, you’ll learn about the key priorities of survival including water, shelter, fire and food. From finding and filtering your own water supply, building durable natural shelters, learning how to start fire with friction and collecting bush foods and edible weeds, it will certainly be a valuable few days.

As part of your survival experience, you will also gain skills in communication, rescue and navigation. Your survival instructors will teach you about finding your direction using shadow sticks, natural indicators and any star in the constellation- how cool! You will also gain an understanding of how to use your survival equipment to maximum value. From learning knots and splicing, to using natural materials to make and sharpen knives, you will become a true survival expert.

You will also be required to cook and collect your own food. Feel free to discuss ration strategies with your team, or trade and barter with other teams for food and supplies! Don’t forget to think about your true needs rather than your assumed needs! Each night, enjoy a campfire with your team, discuss survival strategies and work on keeping your shelters sturdy before getting a good nights rest!

Overnight: Remote private property, Southeast QLD

Day 6: Extraction

Today you will put all of your new skills and knowledge to the test in a final challenge! In your teams, compete in a series of challenges and work hard to become the ultimate survivors! After an epic day, finish off with a BBQ lunch and presentation to celebrate your achievements.

This afternoon, return to the base house in the Glass House Mountains with your program leaders and reflect on what has been an incredibly rewarding week! In the evening, head out for a well deserved pub dinner and partake in a Infused Ties ceremony to share your highlights and favourite memories of the trip.

Overnight: Infused Base House, Glass House Mountains

Day 7: Departure

Today our epic bush adventure comes to a close. You will transfer back to Brisbane Airport before bidding farewell to your program leaders and begin the journey home. We hope you have had as much fun as we have – safe travels!