East Kimberley Wildlife Reserve

Spend a week at a private wildlife reserve in the East Kimberley. Live off-the-grid in a gorgeous remote location near Kununurra and support projects that protect and preserve the region’s biodiversity. Partner with local environmentalists and ecologists to contribute to ongoing conservation work that helps address critical issues such as Australia’s mammal extinction crisis. This is an impactful program that needs volunteers such as yourself to join our work.


Support the development of our East Kimberley Wildlife Reserve with Roy’s Retreat Inc, a charity that cares for flora and fauna.

Help protect and preserve the biodiversity of the region through environmental and wildlife conservation projects.

Rehabilitate injured wildlife such as wallabies, kangaroos and birds that are later released back in the wild.

Assist with our projects such as breeding Gouldian Finches, an endangered rainbow- coloured bird that we’re reintroducing to the East Kimberley.

Camp on a private property in the outback with the iconic red cliffs, waterholes and boab trees that define the Kimberley landscape.

Day 1 – Arrival into Kununurra

Fly or drive into the East Kimberley today. Flights depart regularly from Darwin, Broome and Perth. By road, it’s a 6-hour drive from Katherine and driving the open outback roads gives you an appreciation for the remoteness and isolation of people who live in this region. Meet your Infuse leaders and begin to familiarise yourself with the region during an orientation day.

Overnight: Camping, Kununurra

Day 2 – Wildlife Reserve

Head off this morning to a private wildlife reserve called Roy’s Retreat. Located 70km from town near Lake Argyle, this property has a fascinating story dating back to the 1940s. Infuse has an exclusive partnership with Roy’s Retreat to establish the East Kimberley Wildlife Reserve that will protect and restore the region’s biodiversity.

Meet our host and caretaker, Barbara Walker who lives out in the reserve year-round. Barb is a Swiss lady who came to Australia in 1994, fell in love with the country and established her life in the bush with a famous stockman called Roy. Together, they established a wildlife rehabilitation centre and have been caretakers of the land. Barb is a local legend and you’ll be amazed as you learn about her incredible life, now living alone off-the-grid in the remote Australian outback.

Set up swags by the river, take a walking tour of the property and cook tonight’s meal over the fire in camp ovens.

Overnight: Camping, Roy’s Retreat

Days 3 to 6 – Service Projects

Spend four days assisting with projects at Roy’s Retreat. Depending on needs at the time, you may contribute to building new enclosures, maintaining fence lines, planting native trees and grasses, caring for injured wildlife, removing invasive species, controlling erosion, clearing firebreaks and assisting with regeneration projects. Expect to get your hands dirty and work hard to help us develop the reserve. In the afternoons, take a swim in the river to cool off and enjoy the serenity at the campsite.

Overnight: Camping, Roy’s Retreat

Day 7 – Lake Argyle

Visit Lake Argyle, one of the largest man-made lakes in Australia. Enjoy swimming in the infinity pool with stunning views across the lake and learn how the Ord River was dammed for irrigating crops, creating 72 new islands. Take a sunset wildlife cruise out on the lake for an experience like no other.

Overnight: Camping, Roy’s Retreat

Day 8 – Depart or Connect Programs

Pack up camp this morning, farewell Barbara, and make our way back into Kununurra. From here, you can either depart and return home, or extend your stay in the Kimberley by connecting onto one of our other programs to visit El Questro, the Bungle Bungles, Broome or beyond.