KJ Martu Immersion

Infuse is proud to have a relationship with the renowned Indigenous organisation Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ). KJ is a Martu organisation. It aims to preserve and celebrate Martu culture and build a viable economy in Martu communities. Additionally, they focus on building pathways for young Martu to have a healthy future. KJ assists Martu to retain a strong Martu identity, social stability and resilience to the increasing social and development pressures that they face.


Camp out on country with Martu people and KJ. KJ is one of Australia’s most respected Aboriginal organisations.

Learn about Martu culture, history, heritage, cooking, bush tucker and land management.

Deepen your understanding of Australian Indigenous issues.

Be exposed to traditional and contemporary Martu life on their native title of 15 million hectares.

Explore the vibrant desert landscape of Karrijini National Park.

Swim in tranquil waterholes and hike through spectacular gorges.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival into Newman

Welcome to the East Pilbara! Infused’ staff will meet you upon arrival. We’ll load the vans and set-up camp on the outskirts of Newman. You’ll receive a welcome and orientation about the week ahead. Then get to know your program leaders, play some games and sleep under the stars!

Overnight: Newman

Days 2 to 6 - Cultural Immersion on Martu Country

These five days will be spent with leaders from the Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ). KJ looks after Martu culture and helps build sustainable Martu communities. Two of KJ’s main focuses are land management and leadership development. Their team of rangers manages the Martu native title area spanning 15 million hectares!

This immersion requires a high ratio of Martu leaders, with approximately 15 – 17 Martu leaders on the camp with your group. The impact this has on visiting students is profound.

We’ll drive approximately 5 hrs along dirt roads to a remote community. Once there, set up camp on Martu country. Then get to know the Martu leaders who’ll be sharing their country with you. Expect the unexpected! Much of what will happen over these five days cannot be scripted. It will involve cultural immersion activities including hunting and gathering bush foods, cooking, hikes to waterholes, and learning about Martu culture. You’ll be assigned to a Martu skin group and learn about history of the Martu. Hear first-hand stories of the first contact Martu had with white people in the desert! Get to know Martu leaders on a personal level. Build a deep understanding of traditional and contemporary Martu life. You’ll also be involved in community service work in Parnngurr community and assist the rangers with some environmental tasks.

Watch the movie Contact while out on Martu land. This movie features footage of the first-ever encounters some Martu had with white man in 1964! Visit locations of the Rabbit Proof Fence and meet people from Jigalong community. This is where three stolen girls returned to by walking 2,400km from Perth.

On the last morning, pack up camp and head back into Newman to visit the Aboriginal Arts Centre (Martumili). This evening you have a service project with local kids at the Youth Centre.

Overnight: Camping on Martu Country

Days 7 & 8 – Karijini National Park

These two days will be spent at the majestic Karijini National Park. Here you will explore and immerse yourself into rugged landscapes. Picture stunning gorges, breathtaking waterfalls and sparkling rock pools. When we first arrive we will talk about the history of the park. After that we’ll put on our hiking shoes and head off hike through Dale’s Gorge to Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool. Then venture to Hancock Gorge and Weano Gorge to climb through chasms and swim in waterholes. It’s a day full of adventure with lots of exploring! Make sure have your camera and your water bottle handy!

On the final night we’ll wrap-up our trip with a Infused Ties ceremony. This is a time to reflect upon the incredible experiences and learning over the last week.

Overnight: Karijini National Park

Day 9 - Departure

Rising early, today we’ll make our way back to Newman. Check in to your flight, then your Infused leaders will farewell you in Newman as you begin the journey home. Safe travels!