Outback Survival

This is a program for competitive students who want to experience the remote outback and challenge themselves using survival skills in a desolate corner of the country. The trip will start in Port Augusta where students will learn the basic skills and get their gear before heading out for a 4-day adventure to race to the finish, with the help of our Program Leaders and a specialist survival instructor. See the Outback in its purest form, and camp under the stars, living off your skills and relying on your group.


Discover the Flinders Ranges in South Australia on the edge of the outback

Learn survival skills from a former Army survival instructor

Embark on a multi-day challenge to reach an extraction point where you’ll light a signal fire to communicate with a search plane.

Develop important life skills such as grit, independence, problem solving and teamwork.

Camp under the stars, bond with your teammates and push yourself to new limits.

Day 1: Welcome to South Australia!

Arrive in Adelaide Airport (ADL) and meet your Program Leaders, who will be with you for the duration of the program. Head towards the Flinders Ranges, which provide a diverse outback wilderness environment in remote South Australia. Known for great hiking, natural swimming holes, and impressive gorges, this region is perfect for survival training.

When you reach your hotel in Port Augusta, settle in, relax after your long journey, and join the group for orientation. Receive your survival kits containing the only food rations and equipment that you’ll have for the next week.

Overnight: Port Augusta

Day 2: Journey Into The Outback

Break camp early and venture deeper into the Australian Outback. Leaving Port Augusta behind marks the last town you’ll see for the next week. Aside from a few small roadhouses, there’s nothing out here except you, birds, kangaroos, emus, and wild goats. Arrive in the bushland with our survival instructor and Infused Program Leaders. It’s up to the group to find your way out of the wilderness over the next six days! This first night, you’ll be taught some essential survival principles and skills, then create your own shelter and fire for the evening.

Overnight: Flinders Ranges

Days 3 - 7: Outback Survival Skills

Compete in two teams to make your way to a designated pick-up point. This will be no easy task. Our survival instructor will give you the skills you need to thrive and teach you how to navigate to your destination in what seems like endless bushland. Expect to hike for a few hours each day, then spend the remainder of each day learning skills, building shelters, collecting bush tucker, and finding water.

Overnight: Flinders Ranges

Day 8: You Made it!

Both teams arrive at the pick-up point and swim in a gorgeous waterhole, then drive out of the Flinders Ranges, stopping for a big meal at the first town. Head to Adelaide for your last evening with hot showers and a hot meal awaiting you. At the end of each program, students reflect on their experiences and the issues they engaged with, and talk about how to apply this new understanding to their own worlds. During or after their closing discussion, groups participate in Infused Ties, a unique and powerful activity that allows students to capture the memories and learning moments of their program to process and share with their communities back home.

Overnight: Adelaide

Day 9: Catch You Later!

It will be a day full of fond farewells as you say goodbye to new friends and begin the journey home. Your Program Leaders will take you to the airport for your departure as you say goodbyes and reflect on your adventure.