Infuse Base Camps

A key advantage when travelling with Infuse is the access to our range of Base Camps, both in Australia and in select countries around the world.

Having well established Base Camps that we own and operate (or have exclusive access to) means we have the flexibility to customise our experiences to meet the needs of every group we partner with.

What are Infuse Base Camps?

Infuse Base Camps provide comfortable living standards and easy access to service projects and activities in key program areas. They facilitate local immersion while ensuring groups can be comfortable and participate in their experience to the full!

Whether nestled amidst the gumtrees of Southeast Queensland, situated alongside ancient gorges in Western Australia’s Outback, or a stones throw from the pristine beaches of Fiji, our Infuse Base Camps serve as gateways to immersive, authentic and life-changing experiences. 

Base Camps in Australia

Our Australian Base Camps cover a huge range of locations, landscapes and activities. We are proud to offer many established accomodations for our teams to experience and use as a launch pad for their learning experience. Infuse Base Camps in Australia include:

  • Glasshouse Mountains Base (Queensland)
  • Bayview Adventure Camp (Victoria)
  • Kimberley Wildlife Reserve (Western Australia)
  • Farm Camp (Queensland)
  • Boston Island (South Australia)

Base Camps in Fiji

Infuse's range of well establish Base Camps in Fiji makes for a seamless travel experience for all groups. From our stunning Eco-Lodge in Momi Bay (that features its own pool and volleyball court), to our Island and Highland Camps, in Fiji you'll find accomodation to suit all group needs and styles. Our staff are experts in all things student travel, and will ensure your experience is one you'll remember for life.

  • Fiji Eco-Lodge (Momi Bay)
  • Fiji Island Camp (Nausori Highlands)
  • Fiji Highlands (Somosomo Village)

Base Camps in Cambodia

Our traditional style Base Camp in Cambodia is a quiet retreat in the country-side, North-East of Phnom Penh. Students can relax and live the traditional way while connecting with communities on a service learning program.

  • Cambodia Base House (Kampong Cham)