Meet The Team

The beating heart of Infuse are our people. We  are driven by a deep belief that education through travel is critical in the development of all young people. We strive for real, sustainable change to both the perspectives of our students, and to the communities we work and partner with around the world. Get to know a few of us below, and don’t be shy in reaching out to say hello!

Sam Murray

Founder & Director

Sam has been working in outdoor education and student travel for over 20 years. After teaching in Victorian schools, Sam and his wife Tracey travelled the world then established the Australian branch of an international student travel company and served on its board of directors. When the pandemic disrupted the travel industry, Sam founded Infuse with a team of experienced educators and travel professionals to provide innovative experiential learning programs that drive positive social and environmental change. He lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia.

Alanah Guy

Group Travel Coordinator & Staffing Coordinator

Alanah’s role at Infuse spans program operations, HR, marketing and customer service. Alanah’s passion for educational travel is contagious and she live for adventure. From close encounters with grizzly bears, diving with sharks in the Galapagos, trekking through the Sumatran jungle in search of tigers and orangutans, and sand boarding down volcanos in Nicaragua – there isn’t much she won’t do! It’s these experiences that have inspired her to help young people step out into the world.

Alejandro Romero

Group Travel Coordinator

Alejo has worked in the student travel industry since 2011. He has led and managed student programs extensively around Australia and the South Pacific, as well as in Asia and the Americas. Alejo is a true believer in the educational and transformational power of traveling and prides himself for being able to facilitate life-changing experiences to young generations. During his free time, you can find Alejo hiking the trails of the Adelaide Hills.

Alycia Kilpatrick

Program Manager

From her home office on the Sunshine Coast, Alycia manages our programs across Queensland. She’s a firm believer that life should be a great adventure and nothing soothes her soul like travelling and experiencing different cultures. She believes that the greatest form of growth comes from being uncomfortable, meeting new people and experiencing new ways of life.

Chris Tuohy

Group Travel Coordinator & Business Development Manager

Chris has worked in tourism, travel and aviation industries since 2012. He’s managed programs in the East Kimberley, led tours on Cape York, set-up programs in Nepal and Alaska and travelled extensively around the world. Chris joined Infuse in 2022 to support schools across Australia and continue developing our business. Chris lives near the Gold Coast with his wife and daughter.

Dave Dennis

Safety & Risk Management Advisor

Dave has a master’s in Business Continuity from Norwich University, is certified in Mental Health First Aid, Wilderness First Responder and has several certificates from Johns Hopkins University in Psychological First Aid and COVID-19 contact tracing. Through his position as a Co-Founder & Executive Director of Cornerstone Safety Group, Dave assists and advises our staff on the latest in risk management within the student travel industry.

Declan Pearl

Operations Manager

Declan oversees our program operations across Australia. A consummate professional with exceptional attention to detail. He’s master of logistical management and ensures our high standards of safety and risk management are met. Declan joined us full time in 2021 after working for multiple outdoor education and student travel companies that have taken him to many destinations both nationally and internationally. He values the personal growth that travel and outdoor education offers along with the opportunity to discover natural skills and abilities.

Ebony Holmberg

Marketing Director

Ebony brings over 10 years’ marketing experience to the Infuse team, specialising in adventure and educational travel for young people. A genuine, creative and positive team player, she is driven to create exceptional and meaningful work that authentically engages audiences and makes a lasting impact. She believes that travel has the power to change a young person’s trajectory for the better. Outside of work you’ll find her catching a wave somewhere on the coast, jumping on a plane to explore a new destination or tucked away in her ceramics studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Evan Wells

Coach Captain

Evan is one of our coach captains on tours across Australia. He brings decades of experience in the student travel industry and has endless stories to share with our travellers while driving our 50-seater coach. He lives on the Sunshine Coast and splits his time between Australia and Fiji.

Fiona Vaughan

Flights & Travel Administrator

Fiona’s love for adventure and sport led her to study a degree in physical education & outdoor education. After leaving university she travelled extensively both overseas and within Australia and discovered the wonders of travel. As a parent of three teenage children who’ve travelled with their respective schools, Fiona has been able to witness first hand the benefits these amazing programs bring to young adults – independence, resilience, empathy, global thinking all of which makes for a kinder, stronger, more confident human being.

Jemma Laurie

Group Travel Coordinator & Program Manager

Jemma has a wealth of knowledge in outdoor education and a passion for bringing people together. Her love of the ocean and joy for life is contagious. Having experienced personal growth through her own adventures and with over 15 years spent working in the experiential education industry Jemma loves creating impactful and immersive programs for young people.

Josh Dubansky

M.D. Medical Advisor

With a medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Dubansky is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician with special expertise in Wilderness Medicine. His experience includes designing and implementing EMS field scenarios and mass casualty drills, lecturing extensively to medical students, EMTs, nurses, physicians, and National Park Service & U.S. Forest Service Rangers. Through his role as Co-founder & Medical Director of Cornerstone Safety Group, Dr. Dubansky provides Infuse with professional guidance and support for all of our staff members.

Kearrin Sims

Director of Impact

Dr Kearrin Sims leads the educational design and evaluation of Infuse Travel’s experiential learning programs. His role includes social and environmental impact assessment, educational resource development, staff training, and stakeholder engagement. Kearrin is a long-term believer in the transformational potential of travel.

Prior to coming to Infuse, Kearrin designed and led two Master’s degrees in global development at James Cook University. His academic background is in Development Studies and his primary research interests centre around the ways in which power and politics shape global development efforts. Kearrin has received multiple academic prizes for his research publications and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio (NPR), United States, SBS Radio and ABC Radio.

Liam Lannigan

Program Leader

Liam’s a Jaru man from Halls Creek in the East Kimberley. He completed his secondary schooling in Perth, began leading student travel programs in outback Australia, and completed several certificates including wilderness first aid. Liam is a lovable larrikin and is often a favourite with students. In 2019, he won an award for Indigenous employee of the year in the East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards. We’re proud of what Liam has achieved and we are grateful for his continued passion to share his culture.

Liv Buley

Program Leader

Liv transitioned into working in outdoor education and tourism after completing a degree in exercise science. She’s led space camp tours for schools to the USA, managed outdoor education programs at a residential campsite in NSW, and run luxury tours in Australia for international clients. Always positive and upbeat, Liv’s ever ready to take on new challenges and brings tons of energy to her programs.

Luarna Greentree

Participant Screener

Luarna is a nature enthusiast with a wealth of experience in the field and a background in school administration. Luarna spends her weekends embracing the great outdoors, whether it’s through sport or just getting outside. Her attention to detail and dedication to education drive her professional and personal pursuits.

Maureen MacConnell

Mental Health Advisor

Maureen MacConnell, PMHNP-BC, PSY-M, is a board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner providing mental health consultation and training in over sixty countries globally. She has advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, and is pursuing a Doctorate in Education in Human and Organizational Learning. Maureen joined Cornerstone with fifteen years experience as a mental health clinician both domestically and internationally. She believes in providing continuous, adaptive support for travelers and is passionate about navigating the complexities of international healthcare.

Sam Beard

Group Travel Coordinator

Sam joined us in 2022 to support schools with their travel programs. With a degree in psychology and years of experience coordinating school expeditions overseas, Sam brings a unique skillset to our team. He loves to combine his passion for working with young people with experiential education. Sam has travelled extensively around the world, trekked into Everest base camp, and is continually seeking Australia’s best chicken parmi.

Toby Cocks

Program Leader

Toby is one of our fulltime staff members that loves to spend his time out in the field running programs. Toby studied a Bachelors of Outdoor Education at Latrobe University, and his passion and drive for facilitating outdoor programs has led to many unique career opportunities, including sea kayak guiding in the Whitsunday Islands. After joining our Infuse team in September 2021, Toby has played a integral role in ensuring our programs are always one to remember!

Tracey Murray

Co-Founder & Chief Organisation Officer

When not out surfing, Tracey works behind the scenes to oversee finances, review company strategy, manage our Queensland residential campsite and organise our Mornington office. Her career in education deviated to pursue professional surfing before working in various capacities in the international student travel industry. Tracey keeps us all inline and is one of the cornerstones of our organisation.

Valeska Driessen

Finance and Accounts Manager

Valeska is an accomplished high school teacher and sub-school coordinator who began working with us in 2014. With a bachelor in education and human movement from Deakin University, she is an exceptional operator who now manages finance and administration in our Australian office. Valeska’s welcoming personality and endless enthusiasm makes her a pleasure to have on our team.

Interested in working with us? We are always on the look out for program leaders with a passion so if experiential education, travel and adventure are your cup of tea then check out our employment page and get in touch today.