Outdoor Education Programs for Schools

Infuse Travel is your premier destination for transformative outdoor education experiences for schools across Australia. Our seasoned team, boasting extensive industry expertise, specialises in crafting tailored programs for student cohorts ranging anywhere from 5 – 90 students. Whether embarking on a canoeing adventure down the Murray River, hiking the breathtaking Larapinta Trail, or sea-kayaking around the stunning Whitsunday Islands, we guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Our outdoor education programs are carefully curated by qualified outdoor educators with decades of combined experience in the field and shared passion for outdoor learning. They meticulously design each program with distinct challenges, learning outcomes, and benefits for each student, and to meet learning outcomes of our school partners. 

The overarching goals of our outdoor education programs are to facilitate learning about self, others and the environment. Aligned with the Australian Curriculum and Education Victoria’s Values of Outdoor Education, our programs help students develop:

  • Critical thinking and reflection skills
  • Self-reliance, interdependence and leadership
  • An adventurous spirit and confidence
  • Positive mental health, fostering well-being, and enhancing physical health
  • Deeper environmental knowledge, including culture and history
  • Improved ability to assess and make informed judgments about risk management
  • Understanding around the value of lifelong outdoor recreation for enjoyment, health and wellbeing

Where do we operate?

Infuse Travel’s reach spans the entirety of Australia, and we also operate in 20 destinations around the world. We go the extra mile by offering customizable programs to suit your preferred location or activity. Have a specific destination or activity in mind that’s not listed below? Share your ideas by getting in touch with us. We can work with you to design an outdoor education program tailored to your needs. 

What’s included in Infuse Outdoor Education Programs?

Transport to/from your school
Seamless logistics are part of our commitment to making your experience hassle-free. We provide transportation to and from your school, ensuring a smooth journey for everyone involved.

Outdoor equipment
Our comprehensive outdoor equipment includes top-notch essentials for a comfortable and safe experience. Upon request, we can provide participants with tents, mattresses, hiking packs, cooking equipment, safety and wet weather gear to ensure a safe and comfortable experience in the outdoors.

Food for the duration of the program
Good nutrition is key to a successful outdoor adventure. We provide thoughtfully prepared meals for the entire program duration, taking into account dietary preferences and restrictions to cater to the unique needs of each participant.

Duke of Edinburgh – Adventurous Journey
Each of our outdoor education programs can be carefully adjusted to allow groups to also complete their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award AJ qualification. We will carefully plan the itinerary to meet all requirements, and assign a qualified DOE assessor to lead your group on their journey. Lead more about our Duke of Edinburgh Award programs

Our Outdoor Educators

Our team comprises qualified outdoor educators with decades of combined experience, all of whom are committed to fostering a love for the outdoors. They bring a wealth of knowledge to every program, ensuring a safe and enriching learning environment.

In addition to great interpersonal skills and their deep commitment to Infuse’s mission, vision and values, all of our outdoor educators undergo Infuses’ thorough training program. We require our outdoor educators to hold the following minimum qualifications:

  • Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation or equivalent experience on the field of 5 years
  • Wilderness First Responder and CPR certificates
  • Instructor certificate for the relevant activity they may co-ordinate during the program e.g. bike riding, kayaking, rock-climbing, etc.
  • Working With Children Check

Outdoor Education Programs For Schools

With decades of experience in the outdoor education industry, Infuse Travel proudly offers a diverse array of immersive experiences tailored for your school groups. Each program and location is fully customisable based on your preferences—whether it’s adjusting for cohort size, altering the program’s duration, or selecting specific activities.

Drawing on decades of experience in the outdoor education sector, Infuse Travel stands as a leader in providing an extensive range of meticulously designed and immersive experiences for school groups. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to customization, ensuring each program and location aligns seamlessly with your preferences. Whether it’s adapting to varying cohort sizes, tweaking program duration, or hand-picking specific activities, our flexibility ensures a tailor-made journey for every group.

Outdoor Education Programs

Anglesea Coastal Adventure

Head on down to Aireys Inlet on Australia's Great Ocean Road, where you will camp up amongst the coastal bushland, and learn all you need to know about adventure and fun in the outdoors! Test your surfing skills out in the waves, ride some of Victorias most renowned mountain bike trails, and scale to new heights as you soar through the air on a giant swing! With plenty of activities to do, this program is sure to create unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships!

Cape Conran Coast

Make new connections to the land and sea with this 5-day, 4-night camp set in beautiful Cape Conran. Learn to surf and stand-up paddleboard, engage with your local ecosystem with an environmental service project, practice your outdoor navigation and leadership, and cycle across the lush East Gippsland Rail Trail, all while relaxing with yoga, group activities, and self-reflection. Come back from this beachy getaway with a brand new outlook on life and feel at one with the sand, surf and sun.

Glenelg River Canoe Journey

Journey to the Glenelg River, deep in the south west reaches of Victoria, where you will embark on a 5 day journey, canoeing down the river that represented the tribal boundaries of the Gunditjimara and Bungandidj people. Paddle in the shadows of the towering River Red Gums, as you slowly paddle to the river mouth, in Nelson. Explore from your canoe as you are greeted by the native fauna, including Koalas, Wedge Tailed Eagles, Yellow Tail Black Cockatoos, and Platypus!

Great South West Walk Exploration

Journey to the south west reaches of Victoria to embark on an epic 13 day adventure along the Great South West Walk! Travelling through Gunditjimara Country, cover 250km as you ride through the Cobbobonne Forest, canoe the Glenelg River, and hike the Southwest coast. Connect with peers, and the incredible environment around you, as you develop a deeper appreciation for the outdoors and accomplish a journey that will create memories that will stay with you forever!

Grit in the Grampians

Camp away from home and practice independence and life skills at Tandara! Learning all the talents necessary to thrive at this camp won’t take much – just determination, grit, and a teamwork spirit. Between the high and low ropes and initiative courses, half-day hikes, cooking and creative arts activities and stargazing, there won’t be a dull moment, leaving you with lifelong survival skills and a varied education in caring for your local ecosystem. And don’t forget your outfit for the final night disco!

K’Gari (Fraser) Great Walk

The K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk is a 90 kilometre hike with stunning scenery for every step of the way. You will walk with your hiking group across the largest sand island in the world and at the same time will be completing your practice and qualifying adventurous journeys for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. You will marvel at the everchanging landscape as you travel from coastal views into the woodlands before finding a place to pitch your tent for the night. Spend your nights under the stars and cooking meals on a camp stove while reliving the day’s moments and recharging for the next day’s hike.

Larapinta Trail

Trek the amazing Larapinta trail and tick off both your practice and qualifying adventurous journeys for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. During this hike you will experience some of the most spectacular outback destinations in Central Australia including Standley Chasm, Serpentine Gorge, Ormiston Gorge, as well as plenty more stunning experiences. You and your hiking group will camp under the immersive night sky each night and learn to cook delicious meals on the trail. This trail is one of the most famous and beautiful in Australia and would provide you with life long memories and the skills you need to continue your hiking adventures.

Noosa Everglades

Your Adventurous Journey across the Noosa Everglades will leave a lifelong impression on your heart, teaching you the skills necessary to not just survive in our beautiful Australian ecosystem, but thrive. Canoe, kayak, hike and bike your way across the pristine Lake Somerset and the surrounding wetlands. You’ll learn survival skills, camping techniques, and gain experience in preparing and planning for longer journeys. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure is not to be missed!

Sea Kayaking Adventure – Whitsunday Islands

Grab your kayak and get going! Embark on an adventurous sea kayaking journey, where you will kayak around and camp on the Whitsunday Islands! Accompanied by expert sea kayaking guides, you will learn the basics of reading winds, tides, and how this affects sea kayaking travel. Travel through ancient volcanic landscapes that were home to the Indigenous Ngaro people for thousands of years. Enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and white sands of this tropical paradise!

Summit To Sea Adventure

Starting in the heart of the Great Dividing Range, embark on an epic 23-day adventure, where you will hike to Australias highest summit, Mt Kosciuszko, and begin a slow descent to the mouth of the Snowy River in Marlo, Victoria. Journey through Australias alpine wilderness by hiking, bike riding, and white water rafting, all whilst learning about the Australian landscape, and getting in touch with nature and yourself. This is an unforgettable journey that will make all participants realise their true potential.

Vic Great Ocean Walk

Experience the beauty of the NSW South Coast ecosystem as you navigate through National Parks on a pathway that mirrors the famous Great Ocean Road. Work as a team as you build resilience, exploration and navigational skills, leadership and emotional intelligence, along with the camping and survival skills necessary to thrive out in Australia’s stark coastal wilderness.

Next Steps

Please email us at travel@infusetravel.com.au or reach out through the contact us page to To learn more about how we could support you, your students or your school with outdoor education programs in Australia. There is nothing too big, small, or out-of-the-box that we can’t handle!