Glenelg River Canoe Journey

Load up your canoe and start an epic 5 day journey down the Glenelg River! Travel with expert river guides, who will ensure you have an amazing journey full of fun and memories. Look as the limestone cliffs and River Red Gums tower above, and explore as native fauna such as koalas, frequent the banks of the Glenelg River. An ancient river that for thousands of years acted as tribal boundaries for the Gunditjimara and Bungandidj people, this journey is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime


Paddle down the Glenelg River, rich with wildlife and river banks of limestone cliffs

Explore the surrounding Lower Glenelg National Park, and all its flora and fauna

Cook on an open fire, sharing group meals with your friends

Camp along side the river as the lapping water puts you to sleep

Create memories that will last a lifetime

Day By Day

Day 1 - Your journey begins!

Begin your journey by heading to the Moleside Canoe Campground. Meet your Infuse Program Leaders and get to know other members of your group through games full of laughs and fun! After breaking the ice amongst your peers, its time to test your canoe skills! Learn correct paddling techniques, how to read a river map, and test out your capsizing rescue skills, by rescuing your buddies and having a play in the waters of the Glenelg River!

Day 2 - First day on the river!

Wake to your first morning on the river where the early morning mist creates a small layer above the water. Warm up your body with some hot chocolate, and jump in your canoe as you start your paddle from Moleside Canoe campground to Pritchards campground. Your first day on the river will give you your first taste of ‘rivertime’, a sensation of being one with the river, taking in all the sounds, smells, and views of the river, whilst slowing heading downstream at the pace of your paddle strokes. Arrive at Pritchards, tie up your canoes and set up camp, before starting your first dinner cooked on the open fire!

Day 3 - Embracing Rivertime

After a quiet night camping on the river banks, its time to pack down camp and get paddling again. Another full day on the river, you’ll again embrace a day of rivertime with your friends. Spend a day on the water, filled with moments of mindfulness, riddles, and jokes. Paddle up close to the river banks, where Wallabies, Koalas and Echidnas rest, and look to the waters surface in hope that you see the elusive Platypus breaching for air. Paddle on through to Wilson Hall Campground, where you will again tie up the canoes and camp on the river banks, with the sound of lapping water blessing you with the heaviest of sleeps.

Day 4 - Getting off the water, and going underground

Wake to another misty morning, where your Infuse Leader will have fresh damper, hot chocolate and a toasty warm fire waiting for you. Pack down camp again, and continue your river journey downstream, to a hidden secret of southwest Victoria. Stopping at Laslett camp, tie your canoes up and head up through the bush to the Princess Margaret Rose caves, where you will have a tour of the ancient limestone caves, full of stalagmites and stalactites. Return to Lasletts camp, and set up camp for your last night on the Glenelg river.

Day 5 - Paddling into another state

Today you’ll complete the last section of your Glenelg river canoe Journey. Wake to the river one last time and load those canoes as you start paddling towards the Victorian and South Australian border. Paddle into South Australia as you head towards the finish point of your canoe journey, where hopefully your acheivment will be rewarded with a north westerly tail wind that will allow you and your friends to set up a tarp, and sail back into Victoria, and to the river banks of Nelson, where you will finish your river journey. Celebrate your achievements as a group by reflecting on your rivertime through an Infuse Ties ceremony, that will cement memories that will last a lifetime.