Summit To Sea Adventure

Embark on an incredible 23 day adventure where you will hike, bike ride, and raft through Australia’s Great Dividing Range. Conquer Australias highest summit, before continuing your journey through a landscape rich with Australian history, native flora and fauna, and spectacular views that will be cemented in your memories forever.


Hike through the alpine wilderness to Australias highest summit!

Ride through the valleys of the Kosciuszko National Parl

Raft with friends on the incredible Snowy River

Create memories that will last a lifetime

Achieve greatness, by completing an unforgettable journey

Day 1 - Your journey begins!

Start your journey by travelling to the starting location of your 23-day journey! A bus will drop you off at the corner of Tooma road and Round Mountain road, where you will say goodbye to your last mode of motor vehicle transportation until you are back on the bus and heading home. Complete a short 2km hike to your first destination, Round Mountain Hut campground! Explore your first high-country hut, and set up camp for your first night in the Kosciuszko National Park.

Day 2 - Round Mountain hut campground to Derschkos Hut - 13 km

Wake to your first alpine morning, and fire up your Trangia for a hot breakfast! It’s time for your first-day of hiking! Starting on the Australian Alps Walking track, you’ll enter the Jagungal Wilderness as you trek 13km to your next hut, Derschkos hut. Witness your first alpine panoramic views, filled with Mountain Ash, and unique green mosses, as you continue down to Derschkos hut. Set up camp again and look out to Mt Jagungal as the sun’s rays set on the mountain.

Day 3 - Derschkos hut to Grey Mare Hut - 10 km

Wake to the view of the sun rising over Mt Jagungal, and continue your trek through Kosciuszko National Park. Hiking from Derschkos hut to Grey Mare hut (10km), today is a shorter day, so there is a real opportunity to take in the views of the national park! Look at the fragile moss ecosystems, home to the endangered Corroboree frog, and in the evenings watch for the Pygmy Possum as it emerges from its hollows in search of food.

Day 4 - Grey Mare hut to Valentine Hut - 7.8 km

Today is another short day as we hike from Grey Mare hut, to Valentine hut. Take your time as you continue to slowly ascent up through the Alpine region, and reward yourself by cooling off in Valentine Creek. Take a short walk to the nearby Valentine Falls and bathe under its flow. It may be cold, but this will be one of your few opportunities to scrub your body before continuing with the journey. Enjoy another Trangia-cooked meal as you fall to the sounds of the nearby creek flowing.

Day 5 - Valentine Hut to Disappointment Spur hut - 13.8 km

Continue hiking south towards Disappointment Spur hut! On this day, you will pass Schlinks Hut, and be up on the ridgeline through what’s known as ‘Schlinks Pass’. Here you will be rewarded with a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding alpine range. Enjoy the view as you eat lunch, before continuing to Disappointment Spur hut, where you will set up camp for the night. Rest up, tomorrow will be your biggest day of hiking!

Day 6 - Disappointment Spur Hut to Spencers Creek Rest Area - 19.4 km

Start your day by descending to a river that is iconic to your journey; the Snowy River. Here, you will trek past Guthega Power Station, a hydroelectric power station that uses the flow of water to create electricity and power nearby homes. Continue past the river, and on your way to Mount Kosciuszko, through Perisher Valley as the nearby ski resort lays dormant until the opening of the snow season. Camping at 1800m you’ll be at the brink of the tree line. Rest up, tomorrow you continue your ascent to Mt Kosciusko

Day 7 - Spencers Creek Rest Area to Seamans Hut (8.9 km) OR to Lake Albina (12 km)

Today is another short day continuing your ascent to Mt Kosciusko. Here, your team will have a choice! You can either hike the shorter route and earn a longer rest or, you can take a slight detour and be rewarded with a view of Lake Albina, which is 1920m above sea level! After stopping here for lunch, your group will continue to a safe location in the saddle of two knolls. Set up camp, and tonight is an early night, because tomorrow, you will be up before the sun to start your ascent to the summit!

Day 8 - Campsite to AAWT Camping Area, via Mt Kosciusko at sunrise - 17 km

Wake up to the silence of the national park, put on your head torches, and pack up your belongings, it’s time to get to the summit of Mt Kosciusko! Beginning before the sun rises, you will continue to ascend until you reach a junction that symbolises the final stretch to the summit. Here, you can drop your packs, rug up nice and warm, grab your breakfast, and head to the summit of Mt Kosciusko! Sit with friends and enjoy as the sun appears over the mountain range. At 2,228m above sea level, sit and enjoy breakfast at the highest point in Australia! Well done, you’ve made it to the summit! After plenty of photos and a celebration, it’s time to begin your descent, all the way to sea level! Grab your bags, and continue descending 700m to AAWT camping ground.

Day 9 - AAWT Camping area to Teddys Hut - 10 km

Back amongst the Snow Gum and Mountain Ash, it’s time to test your navigating skills! With a brief from your Infuse team leaders, it’s time to leave the Australian Alps Walking Track and navigate to a hut, buried amongst the trees. Using the creek as a guide, make your way to Teddys Hut, where you will set up camp in a location buried in the alpine wilderness.

Day 10 - Your last day hiking; Teddys Hut to Moonbah Huts - 12 km

Congratulations! You have made it to your last day of hiking. Time to pack up your wilderness camp and head off! Starting off-track, continue testing your navigational skills before finally a final trail that will provide a path to your last destination, Moonbah Huts. Arrive at camp, drop your pack and celebrate completing the hiking leg of your expedition. Rest up by the fire, tomorrow you begin bike riding!

Day 11 - First day on the Bikes Moonbah Huts to Bellah Vista Huts - 31 km

After a night resting and reminiscing on your hike, it’s time to prepare for the bike riding leg of your journey. Meet your experienced bike-riding instructors who will help you for the next five days. Today’s ride is an undulating ride, with uphills and downhills, and it is sure to get you comfortable riding in the Alpine environment. Ride 31 km to Bella Vista campsite, where you will set up camp for the night.

Day 12 - Bella Vista campsite to Willis Campground - 36.4 km

Today will be your biggest day of bike riding, but don’t let the distance scare you off, you will be riding downhill for most of the day! Cruise on down the track as you head towards the night campground, Willis Campground. Stop off at Pinch river campground, where you will soon realise you are back next to a river you crossed on day 7, the Snowy River! Swim and cool off in its slow-flowing water, as you reconnect with a river that will be your guiding feature for the remainder of your journey. Jump back on your bike and finish off your ride to Willis Campground, where you will set up camp right next to the border of Victoria and New South Wales, with the Snowy River flowing nearby.

Day 13 - Willis Campground to Suggan Buggan Historic School House - 19.3 km

Wake to another incredible alpine sunrise, and go for an early morning swim to wake up the body and mind, and get the blood pumping! Today will mark a milestone in crossing the Victoria and NSW state borders, and in doing so, stepping out of Kosciuszko National Park. Continue to ride on undulating trails through to Suggan Buggan schoolhouse where you will again set up camp for the night.

Day 14 - Suggan Buggan Schoolhouse to Goodwin Creek Bushland Reserve - 15.8 km

Pack up your campsite, and continue riding down through the Alpine area, before entering cleared surrounding farmland. Ride on through and be treated to a landscape not yet seen on your bike ride. Arrive at Goodwin Creek Bushland Reserve, and set up camp before tomorrow’s final bike ride to your white water rafting location

Day 15 - Final day bike riding, Goodwin Creek Bushland Reserve to Mckillops Bridge Campground - 34.5 km

Wake up to the realisation that today is your last day bike riding! Pack up camp one last time before you begin the downhill tide to Mckillops Bridge Campground. Stop in at Little River falls for a well-deserved break, and continue to Little River Gorge to take in the breathtaking views of the gorge below. Continue down to Mckillops Bridge Campground, where you will say goodbye to your bikes, and hello again to the amazing Snowy River!

Day 16 - Rafting put in location; Mckillops Bridge

Wake up to the sounds of the snowy river flowing, and prepare for your first day on your raft! Meet expert river guides, who will take you through the process of preparing for a rafting expedition, and teach you the essential skills. Once our rafts are all loaded up, it’s time to get paddling! With your expert guides at the helm, head down the Snowy River, camping at campsites that will be decided on the day, depending on water levels and distance paddled. Enjoy your first night at your riverside campsite, and celebrate your achievements so far with a hot chocolate!

Day 17 - Day 18-22, Paddling the Snowy River

Over 4 days, your raft guides will safely guide you down the river. Learn about the intricate skills of white water rafting, the history of the Snowy River, and every night pull up at a new location under the stars. Cook, laugh, and enjoy your time with your friends, as the Snowy River continues to guide you to the sea.

Day 18 - Raft pull out in Marlo, final walk to the sea

On the last day of the Snowy River, you will journey into the small coastal town of Marlo. By now, the water won’t be flowing as strongly, so some strong paddle strokes are needed to get you to the end! Start to smell the ocean with gulls overhead as you realise you are coming to the finish point of your journey, the sea! Pull up your rafts, put on your walking shoes, and finish the short walk across to the ocean. Congratulations! You have just completed a journey that is going to create memories that last a lifetime. Sit with your friends on the sand and look out to the ocean. Take in all the sights, sounds and smells as you come together to reflect on your experience, sharing highlights, and moments, before cementing these memories through an Infuse ties ceremony.