How to set up a School Group Travel Program

The thought of sending 10’s if not 100’s of students either interstate or overseas is a daunting experience as an educator, both logistically and from a risk-management point of view. This is exactly why student travel organisations exist. Finding a reputable and trustworthy student travel company is key to a successful and life-changing journey for your students.

With decades of Experience, Infuse Travel is proud to offer customisable group programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of each school group. Our process for setting up a school group tour is straightforward and designed to ensure a smooth, safe and hassle-free experience. 

Simply follow the steps below to create your ideal Infuse Travel trip

1. Consultation Stage:

At Infuse Travel, we understand that every school group is unique, with its own set of goals, interests, and needs. That’s why our first step in setting up a school group tour is to consult with you to choose the perfect program for your group.

We offer a range of immersive travel programs in 16 different countries, including Australia. Our programs involve elements of community service projects, education and global studies, cultural immersion and exchange, and adventure and challenge.

When choosing a destination, it’s important to consider why you want to travel and what the main focus of your trip should be. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Educational Outcome Perspective: Infuse Travel believes that travel should be an extension of the classroom, and as such, we aim to create experiences that are aligned with educational outcomes. When choosing a destination and program, consider the specific educational outcomes you hope to achieve. These could include developing cross-cultural competency, enhancing language skills, promoting environmental awareness, or fostering global citizenship. Our team can work with you to tailor your program to meet your educational goals and ensure that your trip aligns with your school’s curriculum and learning objectives.

It’s important to note that Infuse Travel designs our programs in conjunction with school educators to ensure that they align with the school’s aims and educational outcomes. Our team of experienced professionals work closely with educators to create programs that are not only engaging and transformative but also complement the school’s curriculum and learning objectives. We understand that travel is an opportunity to expand horizons, and we strive to make each program a meaningful and educational experience for every participant.

2. Trip Length: The ideal trip length will depend on the destination and the objectives of the program. For example, a ten-day program in Australia can be an incredible opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the local culture and make a meaningful impact through service projects. On the other hand, if your group is travelling to an international destination outside the Asia-Pacific region, a two or three week program may be more suitable to allow for deeper cultural immersion and a broader range of service opportunities. Our programs are designed to maximise your time and create a meaningful experience, regardless of the length of your stay.

3. Impact Opportunities: Each destination offers different service opportunities. Think about whether you want your efforts to benefit people, animals, or nature. Our programs are centred around specific types of service projects, so take some time to think about what you would enjoy working on, where your skill sets lie, and how much service you want to do.

With our expert guidance and support, we’ll work with you to create a customised itinerary that aligns with your group’s goals and interests, ensuring a truly transformative experience for all participants.

2. Pre-Departure Phase:

The pre-departure phase is the time between your commitment to running the program and embarking on your adventure with Infuse Travel! We understand that this can be an exciting but also stressful time for teachers, parents and students, so we are here to provide support every step of the way.

For the teachers, we assign a dedicated program coordinator who will work with you to ensure that the program is aligned with your school’s curriculum and educational outcomes. We provide an Educator’s Guide to Learning Through Travel, which offers resources and guidance to help you prepare for the program. We also offer full administration support to assist with booking flights, organising travel insurance, collecting payments, medical forms, passports and visas. We offer flexible payment schedules to help make the program more accessible for families. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive risk management plan to ensure the safety of all participants. We provide a series of pre-trip departure presentations and sessions in line with our Theory of Change document to ensure that students are fully prepared for their travel experience.

We take safety seriously and provide comprehensive risk management forms to ensure the well-being of all participants throughout the program. 

For the parents, we are available every day of the week over phone and email to answer any questions or concerns they may have. We understand that sending a child on a trip abroad can be daunting, and we are here to offer support and peace of mind.

At Infuse Travel, we believe that preparation is key to a successful program, and we are committed to ensuring that all participants feel informed, supported and excited about their upcoming adventure.

3. Travel Phase: 

Our exceptional program leaders will greet you and your group at the airport in-country and take care of all logistics, making your travel experience stress-free. We work with experienced and passionate leaders who are trained in risk management and cultural sensitivity, ensuring that your group is safe and engaged throughout the trip. Our leaders will provide pre-trip orientation and guidance to ensure that everyone is comfortable and confident in their travels. 

During the trip, they will facilitate cultural exchange, community service, adventure, and learning opportunities, creating a unique and enriching experience for everyone. With all the logistics taken care of, your group can fully immerse themselves in local culture, make new friends, participate in meaningful service, and create lifelong memories.

4. Post-program phase: 

Once students return from their Infuse Travel program, we want them to continue to feel supported and part of a community. The objectives of the post-travel phase are to:

  • Foster a global community of engaged and empathetic young people who share a commitment to social and environmental justice.
  • Empower students to apply the lessons and skills they gained from their travel experiences to effect positive change in their own lives and communities.
  • Provide ongoing resources and support for students’ personal growth and development, including access to educational and leadership opportunities, mentorship, and networking.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve our programs to ensure they are impactful, ethical, and sustainable, and that they align with our values of cultural exchange, community service, adventure, and education.

Through our post-travel phase, we strive to continue to support and empower students beyond their program experience. We offer a variety of resources and opportunities for students to stay engaged and connected with the Infuse Travel community. This includes access to alumni events, online resources and tools, and ongoing support from our team.

With Infuse Travel, setting up a school group tour has never been easier.
Let us help you create a unique and transformative experience that your students will never forget!