Sea Turtle Conservation Expedition in Cape York

July 7th, 2023

Infuse Travel recently embarked on an extraordinary Sea Turtle Conservation Expedition to Cape York, Far North Queensland with students from the Educational Pathways Program Shoalhaven Group.

A decade on since our first venture to Cape York, we were thrilled to return to this beautiful region of Australia and provide students with a unique opportunity to engage in a meaningful conservation project in the the stunning wilderness of Far North Queensland. And what a trip it was! The unique expedition combines purposeful service learning, immersion in Indigenous culture and heritage and protection of sea turtle habitats, giving students all round experience like no other.

The location: Weipa, Cape York Peninsula
A beloved destination for Infuse Travel, Cape York is a ruggedly beautiful part of Australia. Our team travelled to the remote beaches near Weipa, hotspots for sea turtle nesting but also locations that face environmental challenges such as fishing nets, ‘ghost nets’ and destruction of nesting grounds.

The Infuse Sea Turtle Conservation Program
The expedition focussed on grassroots conservation efforts, with the aim of cleaning the beaches and protecting the vital habitats of sea turtles. We had the privilege of collaborating with knowledgeable Indigenous Rangers, who not only guided us in our conservation work but also shared their deep insights into Aboriginal culture and heritage. 

Students actively participated in various environmental service projects, making a positive impact on the fragile ecosystem of the region. They immersed themselves in experiences such as dawn beach patrols of turtle nests and egg monitoring, providing the awe-inspiring experience of seeing the turtle tracks and nesting grounds up close.

Removing ghost nets (abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear) from the nesting grounds is crucial in safeguarding these habitats and ensuring the safety of the turtles. Recording data on turtles, wild pigs, and cane toads is also an essential part of the students daily routine, contributing to the conservation efforts of the region. Camping on remote beaches allowed students to fully immerse themselves in the untouched wilderness, creating lasting memories while working towards conservation goals and connecting to each other and the land.

“It was the best trip ever! The students and teachers all had such a great time and learned so much. The Infuse team were exceptional and were the perfect fit for our group. It was also unexpected and amazing that we had so many experts coming and going during the time—we were so very lucky! It was exceptional.”

Shanna Fuz, Head Teacher Careers | Educational Pathways Program

Infuse Travel’s Sea Turtle Conservation Expedition to Cape York is an extraordinary school tour that allows students to actively contribute to environmental conservation while immersing themselves in Indigenous culture and encountering the wonders of Australia’s wilderness. The experiences gained during this journey foster a deep appreciation for the delicate ecosystem and inspire a sense of responsibility for its protection.

“I loved everything! But I especially loved getting to work on the beach, cleaning it up. It had a lot of rubbish and it was so eye opening. Alannah (our Program Leader) showed us ways we can reuse our plastic, and how we can use other products that can be recycled into other things instead of using wasteful products that can (and will) probably end up in the ocean. I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to the leaders that took me to Cape York. Sam, Toby, Alannah and Olaf were amazing leaders and I am truly appreciative and grateful for them!”

– Indiana Ross, high school student

Infuse Travel are committed to creating transformative educational adventures for schools and students that create lifelong memories, and instil a passion for conservation, service and the world, in all students that participate. Thank you Cape York, we can’t wait to return!

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