Leadership Expeditions

Developing active citizenship, leadership and resilience in students

What are Student Led Leadership Expeditions? 

Our Leadership Expeditions are transformative journeys that offer much more than the average school trip. These 2-4 week adventures take students through awe-inspiring destinations, providing opportunities for deep cultural immersion, breathtaking treks, and meaningful service work.

Student-led, our Expeditions empower students to make their voice heard. Students take ownership of their experience from start to finish, planning their itineraries and making real-time decisions on the ground. This hands-on approach helps students develop leadership and life skills, as well as promoting active citizenship, in ways that traditional classroom settings struggle to replicate.

  • 2-4 week worldwide adventure
  • Highest quality leaders will meet teams prior to departure
  • Sustainable service program worked aligned with the 
UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Comprehensive pre-departure program + training camp
  • One single point of contact for school, parents and students
  • Phone free. We believe in exploring the world, not a device screen.




Core Expedition Elements

Service Project
A thoroughly researched, sustainable and hands-on service project forms the central part of the Expedition. During this component, students work directly with a local community to support initiatives such as helping to build or renovate school buildings, improve the infrastructure around the community (like building a well or a bridge) or laying the foundation for a greenhouse or vegetable garden. Our service projects are aligned with the UN Goals for Sustainable Development. 

Experience the natural beauty of your destination with an inspiring trek through local terrain! Whether it be the mountain tops of Nepal or the jungles of Costa Rica, you’re bound to discover some of the most breathtaking places on Earth. 

Adventure Travel
Unlike the typical school tour or family holiday, students will have the chance to actually plan their itinerary and make the trip their  own. Travelling backpacker style, they will explore the sights, experience the local culture and have the adventure of their  lives!




How does it work?

The journey begins 12-24 months prior to travel. Our Program Managers meet with students and accompanying teachers at school to facilitate a series of pre-departure focus meetings and workshops. Team chemistry is built through interactive activities researching, planning, fundraising and a training camp. 

Once fully prepared, students depart Australia with their Infuse Expedition Leader and accompanying teachers. In their destination country, students will meet their local Expedition Leader and rotate through various roles including daily leadership, managing the budget, making reservations, coordinating travel logistics and supporting their team.

What is included?

Our Student-Led Expeditions comprise of three phases; service project, trek and adventure travel.

During an expedition, students may find themselves living and working on construction projects with remote communities in Cambodia, working on environmental sustainability programs in Nepal or learning about the rich history of diverse ethnic groups in Laos all whilst contributing to sustainable community focussed serviced projects in the area. 

During the trekking phase of the program, students could trek through the Andes in Peru, climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or hike through the jungles of Costa Rica.

In the final phase of the program, students will journey through their destination country, exploring the rich history and diverse geography of the area while enjoying all the spoils of the location. Students may participate in sea-kayaking through the Yasawa Islands in Fiji, zip-lining in Costa Rica, a visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia or some time resting and relaxing on the beaches of Thailand.




Expedition Phase

The 30-day expedition phase will be designed in consultation with the school at the start of journey; below is an outline of our typical expedition structure.

Expedition: 30 Day Outline

Day 1Departure and travel day
Days 2 & 3Orientation, immersion and cultural awareness
Day 4Travel to trekking location & trekking preparation
Days 5 – 14Trekking (including practice trek if required)
Days 15 & 16Rest, recovery and transition days
Day 17Travel to service project location
Days 18 – 25Service projects
Day 26Rest, recovery and transition day
Days 27 – 29Exploration and adventure
Day 30Travel day, return to Australia

Student-Led Components

The student-led components will be planned and defined during further consultation between the school however below are the recommended elements.

FlightsPre-booked by Infuse.
AccommodationNight 1 pre-booked.
Accom during trekking and service pre-booked.
All other nights students book in-country (WHO permitting).
TransportDay 1 airport transfers pre-booked.
Transport during trekking and service pre-booked.
All other transport students organise in country, including use of public transport and/or charters based on budget.
MealsProvided during trekking and service.
Students source food as per budget for remainder of program.
ActivitiesCore components such as trekking are all chosen by students during pre-departure phase and pre-booked by Infuse. In country, students would need to call ahead to reconfirm pre-booked activities with providers.
Orientation, exploration and adventure phases
·       Budget for activities, entrance fees etc
·       Students decide as a group on the ground
·       Infuse provides Leaders with list of pre-approved activities and vendors
Money & BudgetStudents provided with a budget in country for accom, meals, transport & activities. Core components of trekking and service are pre-paid by Infuse from Australia.
Leaders get USD before departing Australia. Students change money in country.


Next steps

Please email us at travel@infusetravel.com.au or reach out through the contact us page to start planning a student-led expedition for your school today! There is nothing too big, small, or out-of-the-box that we can’t handle and we would be delighted to partner with your school to support the education of your students.


What destinations does Infuse travel to?

Infuse travels to 16 countries all around the world. Student-led expeditions travel to Fiji, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, Morocco, Tanzania, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Peru, Indonesia & Ghana. If you would like to arrange a student-led expedition in a country that is not listed please get in touch with us today.

How long are student-led expeditions?

The typical expedition runs between 14 and 30 days. Duration of expedition depends on destination and outcomes of the school. This will be determined pre-departure.

When do student-led Expeditions run?

Expeditions run year-round. Infuse can run Expeditions during the school term or in the school holidays. The timing of the expedition will be determined between Infuse and the school during the pre-departure phase of the program. Seasonal factors and local knowledge will impact the destinations suggested to the school 

What is included in a student-led expedition?

Each program includes a community service program, trek and adventure style travel. Infuse student-led expeditions  include flights, all activities listed in the itinerary (except the few optional activities), accommodation, transport, service project materials, meals, the most down to earth Aussie and local leaders, safety backup, pre and post departure support and awesome merchandise.

How many adults will be on the program?

Infuse will provide 1 Australian Expedition Leader and one local Expedition Leader per group. Teachers for the school will also travel with the group, with a  ratio of 1 teacher per 10 students.

Who will be the Infuse contact for the program?

A Group Travel Coordinator from Infuse will be assigned to your school. They will be the one point of contact during all phases of the program; pre-departure, whilst overseas and post program.

Will our group meet our Expedition Leaders?

The group will meet your Australian expedition leader during the pre-departure training phase of the program at a meeting at your school. Your international Expedition Leader will also join to run a session or two remotely via ZOOM.

What is the role of the Expedition Leaders versus the role of a teacher?

All our trip leaders go through an extensive vetting process as well as rigorous training to ensure that they have all the skills necessary to show you an incredible time and keep you safe while doing so. The Expedition leaders will facilitate the program. They will be responsible for the overall running of the program, learning outcomes for the group as well as safety and supervision. Teachers are responsible for the overall wellbeing of the students. Teachers will act in loco parentis, assuming the role of the parents as well as representing the school and enforcing school rules, responsibilities and discipline. Expedition leaders and teachers will work together throughout the program as a leadership team to ensure the success of the journey.

Who organises flights?

Flights are pre-booked by Infuse Travel as we are a registered travel agency.

How does in-country transportation work?

Day 1 airport transfers pre-booked..Transport during trekking and service are also pre-booked. All other transport is arranged by the students in-country based on a budget provided by Expedition Leaders. Expedition leaders will provide guidance to the student leadership group throughout the program.

Are meals provided?

Meals are provided on flights and during the trekking and service components of the program. Students source food as per a supplied budget for the remainder of the program. Expedition leaders will provide guidance to the student leadership group throughout the program.

Are activities pre-booked?

Core components such as trekking and service are all chosen by students during the pre-departure phase and pre-booked by Infuse. In-country, students will need to call ahead to reconfirm pre-booked activities with providers. In-country, students will be provided with a list of pre-approved activities and vendors. Students will then be responsible for all further activity bookings.

How does money in-country work?

Students are provided with a budget in-country for accommodation, meals, transport and activities. Core components of trekking and service are prepaid by Infuse. The group will need to stick to a predetermined budget for each phase of the program. Program fees cover all expenses in- country. Should students wish to purchase souvenirs or extra snacks they may wish to bring some local currency.

What does the pre-departure phase of a Student-Led Expedition look like?

Infuse travel will support the school in preparing students for their expedition through a comprehensive pre-departure program. The timeframe and schedule for the pre-departure phase will be determined during the planning meetings with the school

Please see below for a rough outline of the pre-departure phase

What is the structure of a typical program?

The expedition phase will be designed in consultation with the school at the start of the journey; below is an outline of our 30 day expedition structure.

How hard is the trek?

Trek’s are designed to be difficult, but achievable. Challenging, but enjoyable. Students will choose their specific trek during the pre-departure phase. Students do not need to be athletes, but a base fitness level is required. Infuse will help to set training fitness programs and will run a mock trek for the group prior to departure.

What service work will the students do?

Projects vary from destination to destination. However, all our programs provide direct support for education, infrastructure development, conservation, and other community development. Infuse Travel has developed long-term plans that address high-priority community needs. Check out our programs and the wide range of community service projects here. The community service projects are always a major highlight for our travellers.

Can Infuse help with fundraising?

During the pre-departure phase Infuse will provide fundraising workshops and materials to allow students to contribute towards paying for their Expedition. Infuse finds that when students take an active contribution towards paying for their overseas program that the outcomes of the program are increased

What type of accommodation will the group be staying in?

Infuse student-led Expedition travellers stay in some pretty unique, sweet digs. Whether it be a floating house in Cambodia, our private eco lodge in Fiji or in a tent under the stars in the Himalayan Mountains, you’re sure to have fond memories of the accommodation on our trips. The majority of the accommodation will be bunk style and have comfy beds, with fresh sheets, blankets and pillows all provided. You will only share a room with other group members of the same sex. We will let you know exactly what you will need to bring as a few of our programs require you to bring your own sleeping bag. Accommodation for the first night of the program, as well as during the trek and service projects phase will be pre-booked for your group by Infuse. For the remaining accommodation, students will source suitable, safe, vetted accommodations themselves, thus adding to the leadership aspect of the program.

What will the group need to pack?

Packing list will depend on destination, duration and selected activities. We’ll give you a comprehensive packing list prior to departure and will provide an opportunity for students to review their packed bags during a pre-departure meeting.

Will students need Visas and vaccinations?

Depending on the destination country a visa and/or vaccinations will be required. Infuse will provide Visa information for the group pre-departure and will point the group in the right direction for all of their travel vaccination queries. We are travel experts but we aren’t doctors so we can’t give specific medical advice for travellers. We recommend you speak to a Travel Doctor, or your GP, for advice about vaccinations for the specific country you will be travelling to. A passport with 6 month validity passed the return date will be needed for each traveller

How does Infuse manage risk?

As a leader in our industry, Infuse Travel takes the health and safety of our students extremely seriously. We have comprehensive risk management and crisis response systems and go to great lengths to educate and train our leaders in safety and first aid. Groups are supervised by at least two highly qualified adult leaders, who are responsible for team safety and supervision. Did we mention we also have a full-time local management team in all the countries we operate in. Along with comprehensive travel and medical insurance, DFAT registration, vaccinations and medical advice from your local Travel Doctor all Infuse travel programs are strictly drug and alcohol free.