Sustainable Travel at Infuse

Sustainable travel programs with real impact

Sustainable travel in general is built on three core pillars – social justice, environmental integrity and economic development. We here at Infuse have built our company philosophy from the ground up using these three pillars, in order to continuously strive to be the most sustainable student travel company in the world. In doing so, we bring passionate adventurers and conscious business practices together to reduce some of the negative social, environmental and economic impacts that travel can have. We believe it is important for everyone to ask themselves the tough questions and put into action ways to mitigate any negative impacts as a result of our travel.

Sustainability is a political choice, not a technical one. It’s not a question of whether we can be sustainable, but whether we choose to be

By Gary Lawrence

Environmental Integrity

We understand that the travel industry can have negative impacts on the environment, so we make it a point to reduce waste and consumption across our operations. We recycle wherever we can, cut down on single-use plastics on our programs, and use reusable bags on market visits. Many of our service projects focus on environmental conservation, such as protecting coral reefs and planting coastal trees. Earth is our shared home, and we recognise that each one of us has an important role to play in protecting the planet from the negative effects of climate change, pollution, and irresponsible production.

Social Justice

We collaborate with our partners – including community leaders, NGOs, and local government – to identify opportunities for development projects ranging in focus from education infrastructure to water access to environmental conservation. Their priorities are our priorities. Our travelers work alongside community members, investing their time, money, and effort into advancing these development plans. We make sure that travel, beyond being a way to enrich travelers’ lives and worldviews, is also a motor for positive change in the world.

All of our local teams maintain deep, long term relationships with the communities where we travel and work. These partnerships are the bedrock of the high quality travel and education experiences that we offer because they allow students to connect authentically with people and places. Years of relationship building means we know who’s who, everywhere we go. Our community partners engage with travelers to create meaningful experiences, and we make sure that all of these interactions are done in the most respectful and responsible way possible.

Economic Development

Our programs give both direct and indirect economic benefits to the communities that we operate in through using only local activity and transportation providers along with locally owned and operated accommodation providers and restaurants where possible. This allows us to ensure that the money spent on program benefits the community and its people directly.

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