Urban Adventures in Australia

Urban Adventures are unique and engaging programs that support students in learning real-world life skills. These programs are dynamic by design so that the same program on paper may run differently every time to create truly unique experiences. Students will experience urban environments like never before, whilst working together to navigate on public transport, budget and shop for groceries, participate in adrenaline-pumping activities, and compete against other teams in amazing race-style challenges. 

Infuse offers Urban Adventures in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, with highlights including:

  • Surfing at Manly Beach
  • Rock climbing in Melbourne CBD
  • Camping on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island or along Melbourne’s surf coast
  • Amazing race-style team competitions
  • Mountain biking
  • Catching ferries, trains, buses and trams

Outcomes vary based on the school’s scope and requests, however the overarching elements of teamwork, independence, community and problem solving are incorporated into every program under the careful facilitation of our program leaders.

Teamwork is consistently fostered throughout these programs and reinforced through activities like team initiatives and adventure races. Students often start these programs without general life-skills of knowing how to use public transportation, plan for and prepare a meal, or understand money matters. Our program leaders take a hands-off approach in supporting students to develop independence, allowing them to build their own understanding of crucial life skills with supervision without interference.

For many students, an Urban Adventure may be their first time staying away from home, living with peers they may not be close with at school. These programs incorporate a community living aspect that educates students on the importance of cooperation with others in your community whilst celebrating diversity and understanding differences. Students share sleeping, dining and bathroom areas and quickly learn how to solve conflict kindly, and live together efficiently.

Problem-solving challenges are incorporated into both scheduled and incidental activities. Due to the dynamic nature of urban environments, students will need to solve problems arising from delayed or cancelled public transport, getting lost and finding their way again, or handling money and buying unusual items at ethnic grocery stores in lesser-known districts of a city.

All outcomes can be combined with school curriculum and wellbeing-based outcomes, and service-learning or cultural immersion modules can be added. At the end of their Urban Adventure, students will have incidentally learned new life skills and have memories that will endure for life. They’ll not only remember the thrilling adventures, but also the new friendships they made along the way.
Please contact us at travel@infusetravel.com.au  to learn more about how we could support you, your students or your school with Urban Adventures in Australia.